How to Grow a Thriving Holistic Health Business with Andrea Nordling – Episode 35

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Podcast

My friends, I’ve got a great episode for you today, especially for all my entrepreneurs out there! For many of us in the holistic health industry, we’ve had to build our businesses from the ground-up. That means struggling to build an audience and wearing all the “hats” from marketing to accounting to working with clients. It can be such a challenge to get your business out there and do what you are passionate about: helping people.

My guest today is a specialist in teaching holistic nutritionists and health coaches how to build a profitable online practice (get this: without just relying on social media). Andrea Nordling is a lifelong entrepreneur, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a business coach, and so much more! In this episode, she is diving deep into some of the secrets to getting a thriving business off the ground.

Heads up: This episode is a bit longer than normal, and every minute of it is SO good. I loved Andrea’s energy, excitement, and expertise about this topic, and I know you will too!

Resources Mentioned

Things to Remember

1) Focus on one thing. You can’t grow your business by being pulled in every direction. You will burn out (or just go around in circles) if you try to implement everything you see others doing. Instead, slow down and identify a single way you can start growing your business and spend your time implementing that one thing.

2) Tap into your playful energy. I loved this! It’s so easy to get bogged down by the monotonous side of the business. However, the truth is that you love what you do and you should enjoy it. Don’t let the pressure of success overtake the joy you get from what you do.

3) Start where you are at right now. You don’t have to start with a long email list or thousands of followers. It is okay to start at zero. You don’t have to have an online following to be successful. There are better metrics to focus on than how popular you are on social media.

4) Sell yourself on the value of what you offer first. Before you go out into the world, the first person you need to convince is yourself! If you aren’t convinced of your worth, then you will never convince others. What you do has value and brings value to others!

The Wellness Wrap-Up

A new rhythm, perspective, or change you’ve made in your life to achieve a life that’s more wholly well.

Andrea’s focus has been on being bolder – whether that would be changing where she lives or what she does in her business. She has grown more in owning her opinions and not apologizing for them.

Meet the Guest

Andrea Nordling

Andrea Nordling is a lifelong entrepreneur, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a business coach, and so much more! Andrea teaches holistic nutritionists and health coaches build a profitable online practice without relying on social media. She has grown three of her own highly profitable businesses from scratch and uses her knowledge to help others understand how to sell their services.