Can Weight Loss Resistance be about More than Your Macros? Yes, Here’s Why

by | May 15, 2022 | Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition

A bro came at me the other day claiming weight loss is only ever about macros. So, I wanted to answer this head on: can weight loss have deeper roots more than simply, calories in, calories out? Yes, weight can be more than your dang macros. I will repeat it one more time for “if it fits your macros,” weight loss is nuanced. Sure, if you’re in a surplus will you gain weight, yes. Do most Americans manage their caloric intake poorly? Yes. Do most Americans understand how calories and the metabolism work? No.

HOWEVER, there are MANY (I’ve lost count, frankly) instances where females specifically are doing “all the right things.” Meaning, we’ve been taught that all you need to do to lose weight is cut your calories and increase your activity. But, what about the instances when this actually backfires? For many females, this is absolutely the case. Why? They’ve trashed their metabolism with this ideology of all that matters is your macros.

You know what else matters? Stress. Stress in females comes in countless forms, but namely restriction and deprivation. Namely because stress has compounding effects on the female body. Most difficulties in the ability to lose weight or sustain a long term healthy weight are rooted in several things, mostly hormonal imbalances.

This may be what’s at the root of your weight imbalance: poor nutrition, excessive stress and too many toxins. When you combine all three, you have excess weight.

Let’s break it down a little more:

🍭 🎢 Insulin resistance: high glycemic diet or just the plain ole Standard American diet (sugars, refined flours) coupled with chronic stress which leads to erratic energy (think rollercoaster) and eventually, fat storage.

😴 Hypothyroidism: fatigue and sluggish metabolism leads to weight gain. also: autoimmune, excessive stress and nutrient deficiencies.

😖 Hormone imbalance(s): estrogen dominance or low testosterone to name two.

😖 Stress: Excess cortisol leads to insulin resistance, reducing thyroid activation. Remember insulin and cortisol are STORAGE hormones.

🍞Food sensitivities: think chronic inflammation and weight gain

☠️ Toxins: hormone disrupting chemicals lead to stress and detox issues. Mold, pesticides, plastic, toxic beauty and hygiene, heavy metals e

The good news, you can reclaim your metabolism, it may just take some intentional shifts and effort, mainly balancing your blood sugar to effect hormone balance and kicking excessive stress to the curb. Just FYI your fasted orange theory workouts aren’t doing you any favors, in fact, they’re probably one of the major players in weight loss resistance 😚

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