How to Live Wholly Well while Traveling!

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Health, Lifestyle

In the Summer we try to go the mountains as often as possible. Get me to the mountains and I’m my best self. Just a few months ago Josh and I were at the crossroads whether or not to move back to Colorado, ultimately we felt it best for our family to stay in Texas, gratefully we have now have a place we can consistently go that makes it easier to go on a more routine basis.

We’ve traveled both by plane and car with two young kids and with the long waits in airport lines, packing a BAJILLION things for two young kids, we’ve found it easier to just road trip and split the trip into 2 days. We can go at a better pace for everyone, we aren’t around thousands of people in a confined space, and we enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Here are my best tips for traveling: 

  1. Sleep related: my pro-tip for traveling with two young kids is book a Fairfield, Springfield or Residence Inn “suite” with a dividing door, essentially you’re getting two rooms in one + you have a fridge to keep perishable food. The suite imitates bedrooms, in my experience, this helps maintain rhythms with sleep schedules for everyone, parents can unwind after a long day and watch TV, read a book, take a bath, and kids can maintain their sleep routine if one room can be dark and offer an earlier sleep time, it’s a win-win across the board.

    2. Plan ahead and go to your own grocery store before you leave: familiar territory is best so you can feel equipped before you head out, for both yourself and your kids. I can grab and go and know what I’ve got prepared ahead of time before we embark on the road. Snacks, food, drinks, etc. I grab healthy alternatives to treats as well like: simple mills chocolate chip cookies, protein bars, organic fruit pouches, coconut water and grass fed jerky.

    3. Give your immune system a head start: While getting adequate sleep before traveling is essential for a healthy immune system, it may sound simple, but really focusing on nutrient dense foods + immune boosting supplements ahead of time will pay dividends for the whole family. I also pack my diffusers + oils, humidifier (hello altitude for kids) and vitamin C.

    4. I try to pre-hydrate before we leave because we’re headed to altitude so I’ve already begun increasing my water + electrolytes. I don’t drink plain water, I typically add liquid minerals, sea salt and coconut water.

    5. Take pre/probiotics + digestive enzymes while traveling and before meals. I don’t know about you but when I’m sitting for long periods of time or if you’re going via airplane, your digestion takes a hard hit. Aid your digestion by giving it a little help to breakdown food

    6. Get moving as soon as possible and let your brain shift out of fight or flight and decompress as soon as possible (go go go mode, if you have kids you know what I’m talking about) get out of the car and just get moving.

    7. Non-toxic essentials are an absolute must, I do not leave on trips without Beautycounter sunscreen for the altitude, deoderant and supreme cream (dry skin) it’s essential to reduce your toxic exposure through self care items because the burden is higher while traveling on your digestion, immune system, etc. It’s especially important to reduce this load so your system doesn’t get overwhelmed.

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