How to Age with Grace and Strength with Leslie Bumpas – Episode 34

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Podcast

We tend to think aging has to come along with our bodies breaking down; we gain weight easier, have a lower libido, experience poor sleep, and have mood swings. But what if you didn’t have to accept this fate? What if there was something you could do to live the second half of your life with vibrance, energy, and grace?

That’s exactly what my guest, Leslie Bumpas, did. When she hit menopause, Leslie decided she didn’t want to accept all the typical symptoms that come along with it. So she started researching! Today, at 66 years old, she uses nutrient-dense foods and supplements to feel just as energetic as she did in her 20s! Incredible, right?

Leslie works as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and an expert in Women’s Wellness. It’s her passion to work with women and help them age well with grace and strength.

This was SUCH a good conversation, and I’m eager to share it with you today!

Resources Mentioned

Things to Remember

1) Our genes are the gun, but it’s our lifestyle that pulls the trigger. Just because your genes make you susceptible to a disease doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get it as you age. It’s actually our lifestyles that triggers those pre-existing tendencies. What we do in our 20s and 30s has an effect on us later in life. We need to adapt our lifestyles now to help prevent triggering those genes as we age.

2) Dispel the myth that eating fat will make you fat. Many of us were raised to believe that eating fats were bad for us and would make us fat. But that just isn’t true! When you see foods that are marketed as “low fat” they have often replaced the fat with sugars and chemicals to add the flavor back into them. In reality, fat is actually a source of estrogen, amino acid for your brain, and protection for our bones. Proteins and fats are actually the foundation for our healthy bodies and vital to a healthy diet.

3) Own your health in the kitchen. Choose to be healthy and educate yourself about the kitchen and what foods you put in your body. Yes, a coach can just tell you what to do, but that will ultimately fail because you won’t know how to make a healthy choice when it is solely up to you. One of the best things you can do is to learn how to make good choices in the kitchen.

The Wellness Wrap-Up

A new rhythm, perspective, or change you’ve made in your life to achieve a life that’s more wholly well.

Leslie said, “Being deliberate about starting with sunlight on my eyes first thing in the morning, practicing gratitude, and using a Gua Sha tool.” You all know I LOVE this answer! ☀️

Meet the Guest

Leslie Bumpas

Leslie Bumpas is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and expert in Women’s Wellness. But when Leslie turned 50, menopause hit her hard with gaining weight, low libido, poor sleep, and irritability. She decided this wasn’t how she wanted to live out the rest of her life. Leslie began to research nutrient-dense foods and supplements and the results were profound! Today, Leslie is 66 years old but feels as energetic as she did in her 20s. Her passion is helping heal women from the inside out so they can live vibrant, long lives! Leslie lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and enjoys gardening, dancing, and exploring new cuisines in the kitchen.