My Epic Healing Journey & Photobiomodulation Therapy

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Health

I’ve been on a pretty epic healing journey lately … and it involves some outside of the box therapies (surprise, surprise) but, when traditional routes leave you hanging, with a pill, and additional symptoms, what freaking gives?! There’s more to your health than you may realize, and your body is a bio-individual machine, so, let’s stop settling for a one-size-fits all mentality and challenge the norm. Here’s what my healing story has involved thus far:

  • Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser Therapy)
  • Primitive Reflex Analysis & Correction
  • Chiropractic Work
  • Neuronsensory Integration and Brain Re-Training
  • Bio-individual Supplementation Recommendations

The last four years of my health journey have been coupled with severe insomnia, crippling anxiety, panicked breathing episodes, practically water logging myself to get my breathing under control, severe inflammation, gut issues and an overall feeling of imbalance physically and emotionally.

I came to the end of my rope a few months back frustrated with my lack of progress because this is what I help people with. Let this be a lesson that we all have our struggles, and it’s appropriate to reach for help when you can no longer provide your own answers. It’s also wise to have a third party outsider who can look on you with fresh eyes, chances are you’re missing a glaring sign(s).

A beautiful human highly recommended I see Dr. Brandon Crawford out of Cedar Park, TX. We are part of a health and medical freedom group, and I trusted her, so I scheduled my first appointment. My life hasn’t been the same since.

If you aren’t a close friend or acquaintance I’m roughly 6 months postpartum with my second baby. Anatomically and structurally this has been a more difficult recovery, as I imagine most second recoveries are. You’re re-stretching abdominal muscles that are happy to stay expanded, or so it seems.

With my first baby things felt chaotic, life felt unfamiliar altogether. The world was moving at a pace I couldn’t recognize anymore. Everyday tasks were like training for Everest. This is not a comforting feeling and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially with a newborn baby in tow. If you’re a mom, you know that it feels like you’re attempting to breathe under water, your brain is foggy and life seems to move at an unfamiliar pace postpartum. I didn’t rise from the trenches of postpartum difficulty quickly with my first. But this time, under the care of Dr. Crawford, I’ve seen glimpses of my old self, something I’ve longed to grasp and revisit but never felt I was capable to grab hold of. To say this 6 months postpartum is quite remarkable. Every mom needs this. I feel peaceful. Remarkably content and whole.

I’m currently seeing Dr. Crawford for integrative functional neurology and potential autoimmune issues. He uses low level laser therapy and photobiomodulation to retrain networks in the brain. While working on networks in the brain that may be underfiring, miscommunicating or not communicating at all different pathways and synapses can be retrained to perform optimally using these lasers for multiple issues, more than just what I’m struggling with. These pathways and networks, if left unchecked can lead to imbalances that we see, think and feel in disease states or emotional states like anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, migraines, sleep issues, sensory issues, PANS/PANDAS, etc. Meds cannot do this, low level laser therapy is truly the answer. It makes the brain work and heal, while you can use slower healing modalities such as repairing the gut, supplementation, etc.

Emotionally, I can reach for peace and calm, they’re within arms reach, I used to have to fight to just see a glimpse of feeling “normal.” I can go into sleep with just a little bit of help, before this was my literal Kilimanjaro.

Here is Dr. Crawford’s take:

After evaluating Kelsey it appears that she currently is suffering from dysautonomia. This is a condition where the autonomic nervous system is not in proper balance and causes a myriad of symptoms. We are currently running tests for suspected autoimmunities, potential thyroid issues and anemias.

In our office we are using methods that have been proven effective to correct these imbalances in the central nervous system. We are performing multi-modal sensory integration that utilizes the following modalities: whole body vibration, localized percussion, infrared and red photobiomodulation, laser acupuncture, vestibular rehab, therapeutic exercises, eye movement therapy, color therapy (syntonic optometry), acoustic frequencies, music therapy, and cognitive tasking. I also perform chiropractic adjustments to improve the frequency of firing of primary afferents into the central nervous system.

I recently told Dr. Crawford, when no one listened, I still chose to believe that what I felt internally was my body telling me exactly what I needed. My brain was/isn’t properly working.

Fight for your health and follow your voice until you can find a practitioner who will come alongside you, confirm your thoughts and feelings and most importantly, join you in fighting for your health and wholeness.
Here’s to feeling whole & fighting for answers.

Kelsey Jack

Wife. Mom. Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner + Holistic Junkie.

I grew up in the heart of South Texas ranching, roaming, and riding horses incessantly. While I love my Texas home, the mountains are my happy place. Other favorites include exercise, a healthy dose of vitamin D, an elderflower collins, my family, and a good dose of spontaneity (hey enneagram 7w8!).

My own struggles and health journey led me to my passion for helping women balance mood, reclaim sleep & chill their adrenals.