Understanding All Your Options When It Comes to Infertility with Nathan Riley – Episode 46

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Podcast

Oh, baby, baby! 👶 We are talking all things conception, pregnancy, birth, infertility, and integrative care.

Deciding to start a family is a big decision. It can be exciting, scary, and can present challenges along the way. You may be in a place where you are wondering how to enrich your soil best so your baby can thrive in pregnancy. Or you may be in a place where you are wondering if IVF truly is the only option for you.

Wherever you are today in your journey, I know you will enjoy my conversation with Nathan Riley. Nathan is dual board certified in OBGYN and hospice & palliative medicine. Through his platforms, he is working to shift mindsets to view pregnancy not as a disease and birth not as a medical procedure so that anyone can achieve vitality.

Resources Mentioned


Things to Remember

1) Look deeper than “sperm meets egg.” We often think of pregnancy as the result of sperm meeting the egg. But we know that getting pregnant oftentimes takes more than that. What you might not be getting from an IVF or your regular doctor is a deeper look at the other factors in your health, history, and current environment that may be an obstacle to achieving pregnancy.

2) We have a responsibility to be active participants in our, and our baby’s health. We may have been conditioned to be passive from the time we were children, but we need to overcome that conditioning. It is up to you to search for the answers and determine the best course of action. You can take your power back and make the birth of your dreams a reality.

3) Prioritize enriching your “soil.” When you get pregnant, your baby will take the nutrients it needs from your body. That is why it is so important that you are prioritizing your own health before you even get pregnant. By enriching our bodies through eating the right foods, exercising, prioritizing sleep, hydration, and mindfulness you and your baby will have the proper foundation to thrive in pregnancy.

The Wellness Wrap-Up

A new rhythm, perspective, or change you’ve made in your life to achieve a life that’s more wholly well.

Nathan says, “I have invested in myself and what is really important to me, so I don’t martyr myself for what I do.” I love it!

Meet the Guest

Nathan Riley

Nathan Riley is dual board certified in OBGYN and hospice & palliative medicine. Nathan specializes in natural fertility, lifestyle and functional medicine, natural childbirth, postpartum support, and holistic gynecology. He is on a mission to help families get pregnant and have babies on their own terms. Nathan wants to facilitate true healing and move away from the idea that birth is a medical procedure. He is married and is the father of two girls, one of whom was born at home.