Overcoming Fatigue – Episode 37

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Podcast

We are jumping into a juicy topic today! It’s something that everyone struggles with, but few people get down to the underlying issues causing it. Our topic today is all about fatigue—what causes chronic fatigue, what you can do to have better energy, what issues go hand-in-hand with fatigue, and how YOU can gain more energy. Sounds awesome, right!?

So if you are someone who, like me, had to plan your schedule around how much energy you have or don’t have, feel like you don’t have enough energy to even get through the day, or just want to understand why you feel tired all the time, this episode is for you! The goal of this episode is not to bury you with health jargon, but to give you knowledge you can implicate right away. Let’s dive in!

P.S. Curious if you struggle with chronic fatigue? Here’s a free quiz!

Resources Mentioned

Things to Remember

1) Get curious about your health. Our symptoms are a compass pointing to what you should pay attention to. Too often in modern western medicine, we treat symptoms without fully understanding what they are trying to tell us. So get curious about them and start asking what they are telling you is going on in your body.

2) Focus on functional exercises instead of cardio. This goes double for the females! Instead of doing excessive cardio, pick up some weights and focus on muscle groups rather than individual muscles. Functional exercises are those that use core muscles and multiple joints. All of this will increase flexibility and mobility, strengthen your core, improve balance and motor control, and more! Aim to incorporate 2-3 functional weight movements per week as well as practical movements like going for walks.

3) Start hydrating properly. Before we had water delivered in pipes to our homes, we would drink water from natural springs that contained minerals. If you are drinking gallons of water in a day and peeing all the time, that is your body telling you that it cannot retain the water you are giving it. Steer clear of tap water and add a pinch of sea salt or your favorite electrolyte sticks to get some of those minerals back into your body.

I really hope you loved today’s episode. If it was helpful to you, would you send it to a friend? I’ll see you back here soon!

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