8 Realistic Health Rhythms You Can Implement Today – Episode 27

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Podcast

Today’s episode is a really fun solo episode with yours truly: me! 😉 I’ll be back with a guest next time, but you’ll notice me drop in with some short and practical encouragement from time to time!

As a holistic practitioner I see SOOO many people getting so very intricate with detoxing, habits, and protocols while still having basic things that are going un-addressed. I am seeing the dangers of this working AGAINST health & healing.

On today’s episode, we are talking about the basics of achieving whole health. If you’re stressing about 254,000 things you “should” be doing, you’re probably un-doing the good work you ARE doing. I’m taking the stress off of taking all the supplements, the pressure to detox, and more. I’m also encouraging you in consistency and how our all-or-nothing mindset needs to be traded in for habits that last the long haul.

Grab your headphones and listen in for today’s quicker episode, and learn some things that can really move the needle in health. My hope is that you’ll walk away feeling encouraged to implement some practical rhythms and leave the overwhelm behind. Practical roadmap, here we come!

Resources Mentioned

Things to Remember

1) Sleep: If you flip the food pyramid upside down, rest & recovery should be at the top of the pyramid. If rest is not at the top goal — you are going to stress the body further.

2) Eat: Pair your foods with protein or fat. Many people would be SHOCKED to know what happens if you stop eating carbs in isolation.

3) Hunger Cues: Honoring your hunger cues is a great way to enjoy nourishing yourself, while also keeping stress at bay.

4) Hydration: Get that filtered water in, with minerals! This doesn’t have to be fancy. A dash of high quality sea salt can be a game changer.

5) Sun: Getting in the sun early in the morning helps so much with the natural cycle of melatonin for morning light. Choosing to go outside towards sunset also helps the circadian rhythm to start regulating.

6) Movement: “A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion.” You might be surprised at the exercise advice I share in this episode!

7) Play: We all need adventure, spontaneity and play!

8) Stress: This is a huge part of where rhythms come into play. The hustle from the daily demands, on top of the workout you squeezed in, kids, marriage, relationships, and day-to-day current events… we have to slow down, friend.

I really hope you loved today’s short & practical health episode. If it was helpful to you, would you send it to a friend? I’ll see you back here soon!