Finding Answers: The Story of Vymune with Cynthia Winning – Episode 33

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Podcast

Hello, friends! I’m so excited because my two loves are merging in this episode – a hero’s journey and supplementary wellness.

Before we dig in, I’ve got a question for you. When faced with a family health crisis, would you do everything in your power, including walking away from your career, to find a solution for your loved one’s ailment? Well, my guest today did just that! Through many obstacles, Cynthia Winning helped create one of the most profound and groundbreaking wellness products currently on the market. And the story behind the lengths she went so that her sister could reclaim a normal life is truly inspiring!

From product creation to development, you’ll hear about Amino Acid technology, the sister who inspired it all, and how to advocate for yourself in the midst of your health journey. Happy listening!

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Things to Remember

1) The answer is always out there. It may just be that no one has discovered it yet. If you are in the place on your health journey where it feels like there are no answers, I’ve been right where you are at. Trust that you know when something is off or wrong with your body, and don’t take no for an answer. It’s so important that we learn to advocate for ourselves and get to the bottom of what is going on.

2) Do your research. There are a plethora of supplements, vitamins, and medications out there, and not every one was created equal! How a product is tested and proven to work matters. Make sure you are fully educated on how a product works and its potential side effects. Take the time to read labels, Google ingredients, check research articles, and do whatever you can to understand what is really in the bottle. Also know that almost anyone can bring a supplement to the shelves without having the research to prove that it actually does what it claims. If you don’t have time to do the research, schedule some coaching time with me — I’d love to help you sort through all the possible options that will work best for your health.

3) Know the difference between boosting health and dealing with an issue. Every supplement you take is different, so make sure to do individual research for each product. When it comes to Vymune, it can be used as an everyday health booster, when you are exposed to significant immune risk, or if you have an ongoing immune issue. Most people who are generally healthy do not need to take Vymune every day but should use it during cold and flu season, or when there is an increased risk to your immune system. This would include things like traveling, returning back to the office after having worked from home, or heading back to school this fall.

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Meet the Guest

Cynthia Winning

Cynthia Winning is the founder and CEO of Vymedic, Inc., a biotech company specializing in Amino Acid Metabolic Technology. Prior to founding Vymedic, Cynthia was a top corporate product developer and marketing executive for over 20 years in Fortune 100 Fintech and Telecom. When her sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder with no cure, Cynthia decided to leave her job in order to use her skills to help her sister reclaim her life. It was through this journey that Vymedic, Inc. was formed and Vymune, a powerful and novel immune support product, was created.