The Year of Well – Episode 45

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Podcast

I don’t know if you have ever done this, but I decided to start off my year by giving it a name. This is something that has a particular meaning to me and will serve as a reminder throughout the rest of the year. I highly recommend doing this if you haven’t already made a habit of starting off your year with intentionality!

I have decided that 2023 will be the “year of well” for me. If you are wondering what exactly that means, don’t worry! I’m breaking down in this episode what it means and some of my goals around this theme.

If you’d like to know more about what it would mean to make this year the year of well, listen in as I kick off the year with this solo episode!

Resources Mentioned


Things to Remember

1) Stop resisting rest. Our culture has a habit of prioritizing productivity above all else. We burn the midnight oil and are up before the break of dawn. We tend to think of sleeping and napping as signs of weakness or laziness. But rest is productive! I vow to stop resisting rest and start viewing it as something that is productive and necessary.

2) Move to more low-intensity and walk-centric “workouts.” We’ve talked a few times on this podcast about how ineffective exercise is as a sole metric of success. HITT and other high-intensity workouts can push our bodies further into burnout. Instead, we need to listen to our bodies and stop idolizing tough workout culture as the only effective means of exercise.

3) Don’t compartmentalize your health. What I mean by this is that we need to view ourselves as both a mind and a body. “Health” doesn’t just mean moving your muscles or what you eat. You are a whole person, and your entire body is you. We need to view health as treating every part of ourselves and being mindful of how it impacts every part of us.

4) Become an active participant in your wellness journey. Gone are the days of one-sided doctor’s visits. As we become more curious about our body and its health, we are becoming active participants in stewarding our wellness. The way we handle wellness is shifting, and the power is in the hands of each individual person!