You Found What in My Sunscreen?!

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Lifestyle

Summer is finally here, hooray 🌊 Queue all the pool 🏊‍♀️ dayzzz. I’m here for it!

Here’s what I’m not here for: all the crazy chemical compounds of traditional sunscreen—it’s scary. To put it simply, traditional sunscreens are loaded with synthetic toxic chemicals that can increase sun sensitivity, alter hormones, and are directly harmful to lungs and organs, they show up in breast milk, and directly effect blood levels and reproductive capabilities. Many of these sunscreen compounds break down in the body as hazardous components of various chemical concoctions.

A recent study on absorption into the bloodstream has caused concern, but you should be more worried about skin cancer, why not ditch the toxic sunscreen AND protect yourself from sun? You can have both. You can be consciense of your skin health and your hormones.

Here is a brief overview of some common chemicals found in traditional sunscreen. Some of these chemicals include and effect:

•Oxybenzone which effects estrogen and is associated with altered birth weight (GROSS)
In a 2016 study, a team of international scientists found that a common chemical in many sunscreen lotions and cosmetics is highly toxic to juvenile corals and other marine life. Oxybenzone, or BP-3, is found in more than 3,500 skin care products 

•Octinoxate linked to thyroid and behavioral alterations—the FDA found blood levels 13 times above cutoff for systemic exposure, also found in breast milk. Directly effects the reproductive system.

•Homosalate: disrupts estrogen, androgen and progesterone. Results in toxic breakdown products.

Now ask me why I value switching my products to safer ;)—especially after repeated applications of sunscreen during summertime ☀️

The time to switch to safer is now, trust me, it may just save your ovaries 😉

You can make the switch to safer personal care here:

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